I’m an Italian living in London. My dream is to travel all around the world so I jump on a plane as often as I can. In-between trips, London gives me that kind of cultural variety I like so much. I love cinema productions and I spend much of my own time watching any kind of film and look for production details.

I’m a good consumer of science and science fiction books and movies. My favourite authors are Jules Verne and Isaac Asimov.


I am CTO at Wooshii, but also a LAMP developer and sys admin.  I used to be a very active Open Source promoter but my activity slowed down sensibly after moving to London. I hope to start again soon.

I’m interested in development of CMS platforms and system administration topics.

This website

“A little bit of stuff” is the perfect description for this blog. It’s a place where I put news, thoughts, pictures and so on. It’s a way for me to gather in one place things that I want to be accessible wherever I am and to discuss about the most various topics.