Toshiba announces self-wiping hard-drives as security feature

toshibaToshiba, recently awarded for customer satisfaction, announced on Tuesday the next generation of security features to improve data security.

In a press release in February Toshiba already announced the new Toshiba e-STUDIOTM855SE Series with a few security features provoking a flood of comments over the Internet.

Among the features you can find 128-bit AES HDD encryption, full Network Authentication and Data Overwrite but what I’m talking about in this post is the self-wiping hard drive.

Such device is able to wipe itself or … Continue Reading

Google goes one step further with SPDY

As part of the “Let’s make the web faster” initiative, Google is experimenting with alternative protocols to help reduce the latency of web pages.

Among various experiments, SPDY (pronounced “SPeeDY”) is an application-layer protocol for transporting content over the web, designed specifically for minimal latency.

Since HTTP was not particularly designed for latency, there is plenty of space for improvements, in fact SPDY aims to reduce page load time to 50%, minimise deployment complexity and a lot more things. You can find … Continue Reading

Jim Zemlin says battle between Linux and MS is like kicking a puppy

Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of The Linux Foundation has recently declared that 20 years after Linus Torvalds developed the famous Linux kernel, the never ending battle between Linux and Microsoft is finally over and Linux has won.

Zemlin said “I think we just don’t care that much [about Microsoft] anymore. They used to be our big rival, but now it’s kind of like kicking a puppy.”

“Linux has come to dominate almost every category of computing, with the exception of the desktop”

Even … Continue Reading

Dropbox big fail: authentication insecure by design

dropboxI remember spending much time discussing about Dropbox and similar systems to store and synchronise data. I was always against using such systems because of the intrinsic lack of safety moving sensible data on 3rd party systems and I was replied every single time that encryption is the key and “I don’t see how people could read your data” and so on…

At the end, bad news arrived for Dropbox and we are talking about insecure authentication by design.

Derek Newton, a Senior Security Engineer, … Continue Reading

Android takes over US market

AndroidAccording to comScore, Android has passed BlackBerry in the US market. No more than 3 months ago it had already passed iPhone.

It looks like Android is quickly taking over the market and I expect to have similar news from the UK market in the next few weeks.

2011 was already announced to be the year of smartphones and several press releases kind of scheduled already the future battles.

I have an Android handset myself and I’m very happy with it. Go Android, GO!!!!

A court ruled It’s ok to tag pics on Facebook without permission

privacy facebookCountless discussions about privacy and Facebook filled forums and mailing lists since people started to understand how easy is to get in troubles via social networking websites.

But now something happened that started the latest flame: during a trial in a child custody case, a court ruled It’s ok to tag pics on Facebook without permission.

I’m not really convinced about that and I’m sure different countries have different laws but I’ve spent some time reading people comments to the story and what I’ve … Continue Reading

Google pulls 21 apps in Android malware scare

AndroidMultiple sources reported that Google has pulled 21 popular applications from Android market. The reason for this is that, according to the company, the apps are malware aimed at getting root access to the user’s device, gathering a wide range of available data, and downloading more code to it without the user’s knowledge.

Unfortunately, even if Google removed such apps, non less than 50,000 users have downloaded and installed them.

Basically what happend is that a user noticed something wrong in the application name and the … Continue Reading

150,000 Gmail accounts reset

GmailIt has been reported that 150,000 Gmail accounts where reset when, because of a bug, they were considered as new accounts.
Many websites have been reporting several versions leaving people with a doubt this could be just a joke.

Unfortunately for thousand of users, Google has admitted that less than 0.8% of the accounts were in fact affected but it also been investigating and giving frequent updates: the figures were soon updated reducing sensibly the entity of damages.

The nature of the bug is not confirmedĀ  but … Continue Reading

Social casual games & HTML 5

HTML 5 & FlashLast night I went with two former colleagues to a meeting about two quite relevant topics: “Social, Casual, Games” and “HTML 5”.

We were welcomed with pizzas and beers, and a very informal atmosphere helped people to start chatting and exchanging ideas. There were also known faces and, chatting a part, I’ve realized that most of the people were flash developers.

The first speech was given by Jasper Stocker, a free lance flash developer. He was … Continue Reading

German Foreign Office switches back to Windows

Open Source in GermanyI have read a news yesterday that left me astonished. The German government confirmed that the Foreign German Office is switching back to Windows after 10 years of Linux and Open Source software.

During the last 10 years the German Foreign Office gradually incremented the use of open source software both on server and desktop sides to save money.

Officially, the reasons behind the recent change of direction are mainly regarding the desktop area. Despite the fact Linux has proved … Continue Reading