150,000 Gmail accounts reset

GmailIt has been reported that 150,000 Gmail accounts where reset when, because of a bug, they were considered as new accounts.
Many websites have been reporting several versions leaving people with a doubt this could be just a joke.

Unfortunately for thousand of users, Google has admitted that less than 0.8% of the accounts were in fact affected but it also been investigating and giving frequent updates: the figures were soon updated reducing sensibly the entity of damages.

The nature of the bug is not confirmed  but few hours ago most of the accounts were restored with the rest to be sorted within 12 hours.

Google staff reacted quite quickly but this issue generated a number of discussions about the cloud security. Definitely is not funny logging in and finding out that years of emails are gone.

Data loss is for sure an evergreen issue but I think Google has enough resources to guarantee the required level of trust and this episode can be considered a proof.

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