A court ruled It’s ok to tag pics on Facebook without permission

privacy facebookCountless discussions about privacy and Facebook filled forums and mailing lists since people started to understand how easy is to get in troubles via social networking websites.

But now something happened that started the latest flame: during a trial in a child custody case, a court ruled It’s ok to tag pics on Facebook without permission.

I’m not really convinced about that and I’m sure different countries have different laws but I’ve spent some time reading people comments to the story and what I’ve read really worried me: the majority of comments were in fact a simple “set up your Facebook account to avoid tagging”.

Well, and what if you don’t have an account at all and I publish pictures of you and tag you anyway?

It is clear that the majority of users are not aware of the mechanisms driving the Internet and how easy our private life can become of public domain.

However, among the various comments, some were a bit more interesting. Below a few examples.

Different countries have different laws, so for instance, in some countries it is allowed to publish pics of people who didn’t give permissions if such people are on the background or some kind of “noise” to the pic. Just think about a picture to the Colosseum and all tourist around it.
But, if people are the subject of the picture, it is needed a permission.

A big difference is the location of the picture, if in a public area where you shouldn’t have privacy expectations or in a private environment.

It is a fact that we don’t have anymore control over our privacy when it comes to the Internet and even if you avoid publishing any little piece of information, someone else can easily do it and you are screwed anyway.

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