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Building the right development team

downloadBuilding the right team is really tough!

I know that’s not big news but I think most people don’t know HOW tough it is.

So far in my career I’ve been working in several types of companies/teams/environments/roles but in all of them the team factor was a pain in the neck for some reason.

I’m been trying to write this post many times to help myself avoid some common mistakes and try to get the most out of a team: so far I failed every single time because … Continue Reading

Why I hate best practices

Best practice pinned on noticeboardHave you ever worked with some fan of best practices? I’m sure you have. “Best practices” (from now on BP) are kind of a mantra for a lot of IT workers and when you come across one of these people, everything is about this or that document on line with a list of BP that you cannot afford not to follow to the letter if you want to have a chance to do a nice job.

If I’m writing this article it’s … Continue Reading

Chrome overtakes Firefox: another one bites the dust

The last chapter of the “war of browsers” sees Chrome overtaking Firefox after an incredible season of improvements. If you google for stats you will find different versions but, according to StatCounter, last week Chrome finally became the second most popular browser.

I’ve seen many articles about this milestone but what makes me really happy at the moment is the bigger picture: competition is speeding up modern browsers improvements and this can only be a big win for the … Continue Reading

Will ever Microsoft face its new levels of mediocrity?

Only few days ago, at the Seattle Microsoft Company Meeting, a very sad spectacle saw MS employees leaving as soon as Steve Ballmer started his speech.
MicrosoftRumors about Ballmer losing support of employees are now quickly spreading over the Internet in a period where Microsoft is facing a very big challenge: the market is quickly evolving and Microsoft is clearly struggling to keep up with changes.
I’m wondering if this will finally get Microsoft to correct its direction and think more about quality.
In the past … Continue Reading

Tabs.to – the short url next level

tabs.to logoWe all know about services like tinyurl, an url shortener. The web is now full of websites offering such a service but the time has come to take it to the next level.

One of my friend and colleague, developed a new version of this service supporting multiple urls… yes… MULTIPLE urls. Its name is tabs.to.

This means that it is now possible to condensate multiple urls in just 1 tiny one. Clicking on such url will open a very simple and … Continue Reading

Google goes one step further with SPDY

As part of the “Let’s make the web faster” initiative, Google is experimenting with alternative protocols to help reduce the latency of web pages.

Among various experiments, SPDY (pronounced “SPeeDY”) is an application-layer protocol for transporting content over the web, designed specifically for minimal latency.

Since HTTP was not particularly designed for latency, there is plenty of space for improvements, in fact SPDY aims to reduce page load time to 50%, minimise deployment complexity and a lot more things. You can find … Continue Reading

A court ruled It’s ok to tag pics on Facebook without permission

privacy facebookCountless discussions about privacy and Facebook filled forums and mailing lists since people started to understand how easy is to get in troubles via social networking websites.

But now something happened that started the latest flame: during a trial in a child custody case, a court ruled It’s ok to tag pics on Facebook without permission.

I’m not really convinced about that and I’m sure different countries have different laws but I’ve spent some time reading people comments to the story and what I’ve … Continue Reading

Social casual games & HTML 5

HTML 5 & FlashLast night I went with two former colleagues to a meeting about two quite relevant topics: “Social, Casual, Games” and “HTML 5”.

We were welcomed with pizzas and beers, and a very informal atmosphere helped people to start chatting and exchanging ideas. There were also known faces and, chatting a part, I’ve realized that most of the people were flash developers.

The first speech was given by Jasper Stocker, a free lance flash developer. He was … Continue Reading

Facebook account: do I close it or do I play the rude?

Facebook: I want youNews are constantly reporting that Facebook is spreading massively and recent is the announce that in 2010 it became the most visited website winning leadership from Google. 2010 is also the year Zuckerberg tried to land in China.

It would seem that the trend is clear and stable but, as a matter of fact, there’s a number of people that deactivated their accounts and more people are thinking about it.. this number is constantly growing.
There are many reasons behind … Continue Reading

Bing using Google results

Yesterday I was out for dinner with some friends, all working in IT, and it took only few minutes before someone introduced the topic of the day.
I don’t know yet if the news is true ore false but we were wondering if such a behavior is legal/allowed/acceptable or not.

Some of the people around the table were affirming that it’s not legal. I don’t know about that but Google offers to everyone the ability to integrate searches on their own sites. I guess therefore that there is … Continue Reading