Chrome overtakes Firefox: another one bites the dust

The last chapter of the “war of browsers” sees Chrome overtaking Firefox after an incredible season of improvements. If you google for stats you will find different versions but, according to StatCounter, last week Chrome finally became the second most popular browser.

I’ve seen many articles about this milestone but what makes me really happy at the moment is the bigger picture: competition is speeding up modern browsers improvements and this can only be a big win for the community.

Both Chrome and Firefox are definitely great pieces of work, each one with pros and cons, and frankly I don’t care which one is better as long as they keep challenging each other in a big race towards perfection.

Internet Explorer is quickly getting what it has been looking for in last years: massive loss of shares of market. I hope this will finally force Microsoft to cut the crap and start doing some solid work on what I personally consider a real pain in the ass.

The web is growing fast and it’s changing form, uses and purposes all the time. There’s a need for a change and Chrome has given the world a proof that there is always space for improvements.

I hope 2012 will reserve us more good news. Enjoy stats!



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