Extremadura to move all of its 40,000 desktops to open source

open sourceLast time I’ve heard about a big move like this, German Foreign office was switching back to Windows after 10 years. Now a post on a blog of the european commission website is announcing that Spain’s autonomous region of Extremadura is going to move to a complete open source desktop.

The plan is to migrate 40,000 desktop PCs to a Debian distribution making this move the second largest open source migration right between the French Gendarmerie (90,000 desktops) and the German city of Munich (14,000).

Such plan could sound complex and long but the director general is assuring that it will not a problem: in fact, Extremadura will use a Debian distribution already used by the region’s public health services in the last 5 years. This distribution is being prepared and adapted to the needs of a standard user and will offer a light and secure desktop.

Debian is a very good starting point to have a secure, easy and manageable desktop, compliant with the requirements of ISO and IEC 27001 IT security standards.
The project is already at a good stage and the estimation: 3 month to get the distribution ready, first deployment in spring and 40,000 desktops fully migrated by December.

For more details about this please refer to the European Commision blog post .

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