Facebook account: do I close it or do I play the rude?

Facebook: I want youNews are constantly reporting that Facebook is spreading massively and recent is the announce that in 2010 it became the most visited website winning leadership from Google. 2010 is also the year Zuckerberg tried to land in China.

It would seem that the trend is clear and stable but, as a matter of fact, there’s a number of people that deactivated their accounts and more people are thinking about it.. this number is constantly growing.
There are many reasons behind this new trend but they all probably have something to do with privacy and the increasing number of issues coming from a poor knowledge of the instruments to show/hide content.
There is a vast community of people keeping an eye on Facebook and complaining when changes to functionalities and terms & conditions are some how affecting users privacy and, thanks to it, Facebook has implemented a set of tools to allow users to manage content. However, the number of people really able to properly use such instruments is very little.

I have to say that I have been considering to close my account several times and I regularly reduce the list of contacts but I’m still a web developer and I use Facebook for my job every day… plus it really helps me keeping updated on my friends around the world.
I guess the problem with Facebook is that most of the people keeps adding just everyone they meet just even for a drink and end up sharing, directly or indirectly, details of their private life. Some other just feel they cold look rude if not adding some guy or accepting a friendship request.

So what are the solutions to privacy issues using Facebook?

1 – close the account
2 – change the way of using it

I’ll go for the second one: reducing drastically the number of “friends” and limiting it to that small set of people I really want to share details of my life with. Plus, of course, rule number 1: never put on the Internet things you won’t share with the world.

What do you think about it?

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