Jim Zemlin says battle between Linux and MS is like kicking a puppy

Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of The Linux Foundation has recently declared that 20 years after Linus Torvalds developed the famous Linux kernel, the never ending battle between Linux and Microsoft is finally over and Linux has won.

Zemlin said “I think we just don’t care that much [about Microsoft] anymore. They used to be our big rival, but now it’s kind of like kicking a puppy.”

“Linux has come to dominate almost every category of computing, with the exception of the desktop”

Even if Linux failure to capture desktop share is disappointing to many, Zemlin says that such share is becoming less important considering that Linux is very strong in terms of client computing.

Zemlin had of course many things to say about Apple and the mobile market too.

I’ve recently posted  about Android taking over the mobile market in both US and UK but Zemlin recognise the big role of Apple in the evolution of the market and Linux itself.

World is quickly changing with cloud computing and client computing, and I guess the desktop market IS becoming less important for real, but I also think desktop market will be fundamental for a long time and no one really know what the future has prepared for the IT world.

I personally love Linux but I think that improvements of relevant aspects responsible for a success on the the desktop market slowed down significantly in the last 2 years and I really hope the trend will change again as soon as possible.

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