Skype starts the battle against VOIP traffic limits

SkypeI’ve just read on the italian website Repubblica that Skype is finally making moves against limits over VOIP traffic on mobile networks.

I’m not sure what’s happening in all countries around the world but I know that both in UK and Italy, the only carrier allowing VOIP traffic without any additional charges is 3.

The article on Repubblica explains how Skype is attacking in particular Vodafone Italia because it is restricting VOIP traffic only to some premium tariffs: “Such a situation is unacceptable because it threatening innovation, users choice and their freedom”.

This problem brought back to the attention many other discussions about principles of Net Neutrality. Moreover, it seems like that limits to the use of the Net are breaching laws of European Union stating that final user should be free to access and use any content on the Internet. Such laws will be merged into national laws in May 2011.

Being a consumer I’d like of course that there were not limitations at all but I’m aware this is not the only case: other carriers are limiting the time of video content a user can play because they are offering video as options of the various tariffs (3 is one of them).
However I’m wondering why a carrier should not be free of deciding what services to provide and what are all the possible implications.

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