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HTML 5 & FlashLast night I went with two former colleagues to a meeting about two quite relevant topics: “Social, Casual, Games” and “HTML 5”.

We were welcomed with pizzas and beers, and a very informal atmosphere helped people to start chatting and exchanging ideas. There were also known faces and, chatting a part, I’ve realized that most of the people were flash developers.

The first speech was given by Jasper Stocker, a free lance flash developer. He was brief and concise while analyzing the main aspects of the most famous flash games that take larger slices of our spare time every day. In particular he talked about the Zynga case and a few other examples like “Angry birds”.  These games have probably found their success thanks to the fact they are very simple to play, you can play any time anywhere without to much brain effort, a mechanism of virtual rewards and many other little things.
His analysis was very interesting and created space for even more interesting questions and discussions about marketing and possible paths to success.

The second speech, HTML 5, was given by Gareth Slinn who was introduced as front end developer and veteran of CSS/HTML and JavaScript. The first minutes seemed like the first act of a comedy show: audience was laughing a lot at every comment or facial expression this guy was proposing while showing his slides. Everyone thought that was meant to be a funny presentation but after a few more minutes I had the feeling that the guy didn’t know what he was talking about. I had a look at his CV and even if I’m not judging his current or previous work, I can certainly say I was not impressed by his presentation. It was disastrous and it became even more stodgy because of  comments by many flash developers not understanding the meaning of “markup language” and with no idea of SEO who misunderstood every single new feature of HTML 5.

The gap of quality of the two presentations provoked contrasting feelings but the great disappointment for the second speech was anyway reduced by the pleasure of eating a pizza with former colleagues, seeing known faces and learning something new about some flash games than never really captured my attention.

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