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Toshiba announces self-wiping hard-drives as security feature

toshibaToshiba, recently awarded for customer satisfaction, announced on Tuesday the next generation of security features to improve data security.

In a press release in February Toshiba already announced the new Toshiba e-STUDIOTM855SE Series with a few security features provoking a flood of comments over the Internet.

Among the features you can find 128-bit AES HDD encryption, full Network Authentication and Data Overwrite but what I’m talking about in this post is the self-wiping hard drive.

Such device is able to wipe itself or … Continue Reading

150,000 Gmail accounts reset

GmailIt has been reported that 150,000 Gmail accounts where reset when, because of a bug, they were considered as new accounts.
Many websites have been reporting several versions leaving people with a doubt this could be just a joke.

Unfortunately for thousand of users, Google has admitted that less than 0.8% of the accounts were in fact affected but it also been investigating and giving frequent updates: the figures were soon updated reducing sensibly the entity of damages.

The nature of the bug is not confirmedĀ  but … Continue Reading