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Android developer proves on video CarrierIQ is secretly logging all users actions

Big troubles for CarrierIQ as an Android developer, 25-year-old Eckhart, proves on video that all users actions are logged.
CarrierIQ also tried to silence Eckhart threatened him with legal action and huge money damages but the developer was quickly backed by The Electronic Frontier Foundation and CarrierIQ backed off.
An attempt to deny logging keystrokes is clearly undercut by the plublished video and now millions of users will start getting really really worried about their privacy.
I wonder how … Continue Reading

A court ruled It’s ok to tag pics on Facebook without permission

privacy facebookCountless discussions about privacy and Facebook filled forums and mailing lists since people started to understand how easy is to get in troubles via social networking websites.

But now something happened that started the latest flame: during a trial in a child custody case, a court ruled It’s ok to tag pics on Facebook without permission.

I’m not really convinced about that and I’m sure different countries have different laws but I’ve spent some time reading people comments to the story and what I’ve … Continue Reading

Facebook account: do I close it or do I play the rude?

Facebook: I want youNews are constantly reporting that Facebook is spreading massively and recent is the announce that in 2010 it became the most visited website winning leadership from Google. 2010 is also the year Zuckerberg tried to land in China.

It would seem that the trend is clear and stable but, as a matter of fact, there’s a number of people that deactivated their accounts and more people are thinking about it.. this number is constantly growing.
There are many reasons behind … Continue Reading