Toshiba announces self-wiping hard-drives as security feature

toshibaToshiba, recently awarded for customer satisfaction, announced on Tuesday the next generation of security features to improve data security.

In a press release in February Toshiba already announced the new Toshiba e-STUDIOTM855SE Series with a few security features provoking a flood of comments over the Internet.

Among the features you can find 128-bit AES HDD encryption, full Network Authentication and Data Overwrite but what I’m talking about in this post is the self-wiping hard drive.

Such device is able to wipe itself or invalidate targeted data by command, on power cycle, or on host authentication error.

This is aiming to reduce problems caused by theft and data leakage. The device provides many other features but the self-wiping one sound a bit scary: I can see hard drives accidentally wiping out the whole content. What happen if there is a mother board failure?

I think that this type of devices should be used mainly for printers and copiers to avoid data leakage but, so far, I don’t think this is a great idea when it comes to PCs with sensible data: Encryption is probably more the enough.

I can’t wait to see more details about these devices to better understand the way they work and see if this is going to be a new milestone in security history. In the mean time you can find here the press release with specifications.

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