Will ever Microsoft face its new levels of mediocrity?

Only few days ago, at the Seattle Microsoft Company Meeting, a very sad spectacle saw MS employees leaving as soon as Steve Ballmer started his speech.
MicrosoftRumors about Ballmer losing support of employees are now quickly spreading over the Internet in a period where Microsoft is facing a very big challenge: the market is quickly evolving and Microsoft is clearly struggling to keep up with changes.
I’m wondering if this will finally get Microsoft to correct its direction and think more about quality.
In the past years, despite a number of announcements, Microsoft proved to prefer mediocre solutions, probably on purpose.
Being mainly a web developer, I’m really interested in development of a decent web browser: Internet Explorer is officialy a big load of crap that only forces to continuos use of workarounds. Definitely nothing close to Chrome and Firefox levels.
In fact, Internet Explorer is loosing slices of market every day.
I’ll sound like just another voice in the crowd, but I’m really fed up with Microsoft crap. I don’t see any more traces of good will in a company that could really make the difference.
I’ve been using Microsoft products for ages and for sure I will not deny MS role in the history of technology but, as I speak, Microsoft is hardly producing something anywhere close to what is expected from such a big company.
Perhaps time for a change?

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